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Kurtis F.
I have been a student under Sifu Y.C. Wong for the past 16 years. To say that I have learned Kung Fu from him is inadequate as most importantly, I have learned how to live from him. Sifu Wong is an exemplary Martial Artist, Master, and Human Being. Many people search for a lifetime to find a teacher with one of these 3 traits. However, over the years, I have learned that Sifu Wong has all of them.

Master Wong's repertoire is extensive and the fact that he is equally skilled at the various forms of Kung Fu he teaches is even more impressive. One of the great testaments to Sifu Wong's teaching ability is that not only is he highly adept at the art of Kung Fu, but has a keen talent in transmitting it to his students.

His expansive curriculum begins with a firm foundation in the fundamentals of Kung Fu, namely, the stances. As a child must learn to stand before it can walk, so too does a martial artist need to have a strong stance before they can begin the intricacies of Kung Fu. Sifu Wong gave me this strong foundation which has served me well in all of the respective arts I learn from him. Most modern instructors forego this important stage in training their students. The result is often a student with a wide breadth of curriculum but a severely limited amount of quality in said regard. Sifu Wong ensures that all students, regardless of their place in the curriculum, have a strong foundation and with this he gives his students the roots from which they blossom. At the same time, he allows his students to interpret the art form they have learned and formulate their own hypothesis. This in turn allows each person to grow as a martial artist and to further the art as a whole.

All great leaders lead by example and Sifu Wong is no exception. The qualities of humility, perseverance, and a positive outlook are embodied in his day to day actions. It is these qualities that Master Wong passes on to his students and those who are fortunate enough to meet his acquaintance.

I cannot recommend Sifu Y.C. Wong's school enough to anyone interested in learning the art of Kung Fu. For behind the hallowed doors of this traditional martial arts hall lies experiences and lessons that will broaden your horizons in life and within your inner being.

Shawn H.

I started studying martial arts when I was 8 and it was several years later when I first stepped into Y.C. Wongs Kung Fu Studio in San Francisco Chinatown. I immediately knew I walked into something special. And I quickly realized that what I knew was nothing compared to what there was to know. Sifu Y.C. Wong is so incredibly knowledgeable and generous with sharing his wisdom and he takes the time to personally teach each student.

There is real camaraderie in the class where we are all brothers and sisters and you feel like you are part of a family. From our workouts in the studio, to lion dances in the streets of Chinatown, to our kung fu demonstrations in China and Hong Kong. These are memories of a lifetime.

Lester W.

Coming from another school, my affiliation with Sifu Y.C. Wong began at the age of 16. Master Wongs Kung Fu is genuine. But Kung Fu is not the only thing he has taught me in the last 50 years. Master Wongs philosophical approach to teaching has made me a better person. He has instilled in me many things. Among them, self-defense, physical fitness, humility, perseverance, tolerance and patience.

Tony W.

Sifu personally taught and molded my brothers and I from kids since 1969. Now more than 40 years later, we are passing on his rich history, lineage and gung-fu knowledge he bestowed upon us to our children and students. He personally taught us with patience and concise instruction. He was very firm with his lessons but in contrast a very kind and caring individual.

If one has the will and determination to excel in Gung-fu (and Hung Gar in particular) then Sifu is THE master who can lead you toward that goal; one merely needs to embrace the history, have the desire to learn, work hard-often and constantly. You can succeed-I am proof of that.

Frank M.

Hung Gar and Sifu Y.C. Wong changed my life for the better. Sifu Frank Marez

Michael O.

When it comes to real traditional Chinese martial arts, Master Y.C. Wong is the real deal. He is one of the most knowledgeable and experienced martial artists in the world today. His impressive reputation does not do him justice because he is so modest and humble.

Since 1993 when I was 12 years old, I have had the pleasure and honor of learning Kung Fu from Master Wong and it was definitely a life changing experience Through his dedicated teaching of Kung Fu, he has not only taught me to defend myself, but also helped me to be a better person. If you are willing to put in the time, Master Wong is the man who will guide you on the proper path.

Stephen C.

My training began in 1975 and to this day still practicing as with many former students. In addition to being one of few remaining authority of Hung Gar Gung Fu, Sifu Y.C. Wong teaches in the traditional time proven method. Its not how much or fast you learn but understanding and applying what you learn. Ive benefited from this philosophy along with many of his teachings of building a strong Gung Fu foundation and character. The only requirement is hard work and willingness to listen and learn!

Ken B.

Master Y.C. Wong teaches one of the great treasures of ancient China. He dedicated his entire life imparting good character and great kung fu to his son and elder students, thus assuring the real art of Kung Fu would not be lost. Master Wong is an encyclopedia of profound knowledge about the essence of Kung Fu and contrary to other, more commercial schools, he shows up daily and personally guides the learning process of every student. Master Y.C. Wong has helped me, in the last six years, to become healthier, stronger, and more confident. I am honored and grateful to be among those lucky enough to learn from him.

Kevin J.

Coming in and checking out a class at Sifu Wong's studio was one of the best decisions I've ever made. I didn't know at the time that in his studio, I would learn an art that can give you a lifetime of good health, skills to defend yourself and your family, and become part of a community of great friends. Sifu Wong is a truly amazing martial artist-- he has devoted his life to learning, training, and teaching his art. There are only a handful of people in the world who have attained the level of skill that he has. What is even more remarkable is that he is just as talented as a teacher. He is kind, humble, and generous. His students are serious about training and about helping others achieve their best in the studio; the atmosphere is very open and friendly. No egos, just sweat and dedication. The best testimonial to his teaching is how many students have stayed to train with him for 10, 15, 20, even 40 years. When you train in sifu's studio, what's amazing is the more you learn and improve, you realize how much more there is to learn, and how much more you want to put in the time to get there.

Russell C.

If you want to study traditional kung fu from a master who has dedicated his life to the art, then Sifu Y.C. Wong is the teacher for you. I'm lucky to be considered his student. There are people that literally come from all over the world to seek him out. Yes, he is the direct descendant of the famed Wong Fei Hung; but more important than his lineage is his real skill, vitality, lack of ego, openness to teach, and his personal involvement in the studio. There are no belts, tests, promotions, and only a roughly defined curriculum, but it's the traditional system. My only regret is that I didn't start training earlier.

Jorge P.

It's not easy to put into words how influential a man Sifu Y.C. Wong is, nor is it easy to sum up how training in his studio has changed my life. I first walked into "Y.C. Wong's Kung Fu Studio" in 2001. Within a few minutes I knew it was the perfect kung fu training environment for me. I quickly learned there were no egos, there was simply respect for all.

Today (2012), just as always, the elder students help the younger students and Sifu Wong personally guides all. The amount of knowledge and wisdom he offers is endless. Yes, he teaches the ways of traditional Hung Gar, that alone is priceless, but he also passes down sincere advice on how to live an honorable life. And we learn from his example.

He is a great instructor and father figure. He is a firm but patient teacher. As long as one shows interest, respect, and dedication towards the art, Sifu Wong will mentor and mold him or her. Because of Sifu Wong, I'm a better person today - physically, mentally and within my inner being. I recommend Sifu Y.C. Wong's Studio to any potential student out there who is serious about training.


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