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About Our Kung Fu:

This proven method of kung fu has 3 major components which Sifu Wong has combined into a effective comprehensive system. Using the external styles woven together with the internal styles, Sifu Wong’s Kung fu will leave stronger, confident, healthy and more relaxed then ever before.

By practicing all three in harmony, you will always get what you need for your body. Either an intense physical workout or a easy relaxing one. That is the beauty of Sifu Wong’s Kung fu. No matter where you are at, our Kung Fu can take you there.

Get your body in shape and walk in in confidence with Hung Gar. Hung Gar is a physically challenging external(yang) style of Chinese Kung Fu. Regular practice with make you fit, stronger faster and reshape your body. Transform yourself physically as your legs shake and you sweat from the challenge of this system.

Learn to relax with Tai Chi and Standing Meditation. These systems ease the mind and body from stress. Find a state of relaxation, harmony and peace though consistent practice of the softer arts.

What make this powerful for you though is the practice of all three together. Melding all three into a cohesive system will teach you self confidence, determination, discipline, concentration and patience. You feel better then ever before.


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