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Hung Gar

Hung Gar (or Hung Kuen, Hung Kyun) is the main external style which we offer. The beginning and intermediate levels of training in Hung-Gar provide the student with an excellent physical condition, enabling the individual to continue into the advanced level, which is the internal phase of training in the style.

Hung-Gar is one of the original Kung Fu styles directly from the Shaolin Temple. It is also known as the Tiger-Crane style because these two animals symbolize the unique characteristics of this style: the tiger, representing fierceness and powerful character, perfectly complements the crane, representing agility and swift movement. Hung-Gar has strong versatile hand techniques and powerful effective kicks that are applicable to close-range as well as long-range situations.

Hung-Gar also has a variety of traditional weapons whose practice develops strength and coordination.

Most students start with Hung Gar as it provides a solid foundation for the internal styles.


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