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Email us at: RwongYCWongKungFu@gmail.com

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Take the step into yourself, join our amazing community of people. Call or email about information about our classes.

Change your body and health with our kung fu classes


Deciding to start training in kung fu is life commitment in focued effort. Be a part of our community of dedicated students. By becoming a member you become part of our martial arts family for life. You will make connection that lasts decades.

With regular practice you will become more fit and confident, decrease your stress and improve your over all health .

Our class are taught in the traditional manner, there is no belt system and we do not charge for any belt tests, certificates or testing fees. Our studio is about being a family. Not about the color of your belt or the rank you hold.

New students:

If you would like watch a class either call or email us for appointment. Please also visit the new student page for practice guidelines for our studio.

Monthly classes:

Membership dues for classes is $120 per month. There are no contracts and membership is on a month by month basis. Cash or check only.

Please also be ready to purchase your uniform which is not included in monthly dues.

Private session and seminars with Sifu Wong:

Private sessions and seminars with Master Wong are available. Contact the studio for more information regarding price and availability.


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