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Take the step into yourself, join our amazing community of people. Call or email about information about our classes.

Change your body and health with our kung fu classes

Welcome to the Y.C. Wong Kung Fu Studio


Practice a time tested system of health, that keeps you vibrant and strong no matter what your age. Something that is fun, challenging and effective. A traditional art form that gives you whatever you need from it. Either intense physical workout or a relaxing gentle one.

Be a part of our vibrant community which spans over 50 years. Our students will inspire you to practice regularly and support through your process.

Our highly qualified teachers will give you the attention you need to succeed. Receive direct attention from one of the worlds most renowned martial arts teachers

Embrace an this art of Kung fu which has been polished by a high level master. Whose extensive experience has created a system which will transform your body and mind.

Take a step towards living a better life.


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