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Tai Chi

Tai Chi is the next component of our Kung fu system. Tai Chi originated hundreds of years ago from the fusion martial arts and Taoism. Today, Tai Chi is generally practiced for its health benefits and enjoys great popularity. Yet it remains a potent martial art. The flowing circular movements in the Tai Chi forms are naturally relaxing and therapeutic.

As you grow in your skill, these very same moves can be applied in self-defense to ward off and deflect an opponents strikes. At a more advanced level, push hands practice further enhances the skill of sensing and neutralizing an opponents energy and force.

Standing Meditation

Standing Meditation practice is distilled from the essence of a number of martial art styles, among them Hsing I, Tai Chi, Pa Kua, and Shaolin. It also derives its methods from Buddhist and Taoist Chi Kung. The founder, Wang Hsiang-chai, was a highly respected master of legendary skill who spent many years researching and practicing martial arts during the early part of the twentieth century. Standing Meditation emphasizes training of the mind as well as the body. Its practice leads to heightened awareness and sensitivity, and develops a strong framework for health and self-defense.


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